One of the reasons our volunteers can help veterans to receive more benefits than many other places is the continual training programs we provide on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule at our facility in Norman. All our volunteers know the importance of keeping up with the many changes that VA makes. 

This week most of our volunteers and staff will be at the Joint Service Officer Training Symposium (JSOTS) training with the Muskogee VA Regional office along with the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. This two-day event will be held in Norman, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma National Guard Training
Facility located on Tecumseh Road just East of Interstate 35. The Navy will reevaluate discharge upgrades applications for Sailors and Marines who were diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, Military Sexual Trauma and other mental health or behavioral conditions. We have seen many veterans who were diagnosed with these types of disabilities over the years who were then denied VA benefits. We have been trying to help veterans who are suffering from these types of issues to upgrade their discharges. I wish that I could say we were always successful in helping veterans to receive an upgraded discharge. We did find out that not all branches of service are equal when it comes to upgrading a discharge. We have had more success upgrading Air Force, Army and Navy Discharges than we did with Marine veterans. If you received an Honorable Discharge please reach out to us through facebook.

Last Sunday, our organization was a part of the Norman Veterans Day Celebration and Parade. Mr. Jon Foti, an Army veteran and our CEO was the Master of Ceremonies, with one of our volunteers Lt. Colonel Stephen Reagan as one of the guest speakers. Our transportation bus was driven in the parade by Mr. Riley Phillips who is a longtime volunteer with our Foundation. Several other volunteers participated in the Parade either riding their Harleys or driving in their antique cars
and trucks. I for one appreciate everyone who supports our veterans and their families.

To donate to our Foundation, you can do so online at or mail a check to Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation, 1268 N. Interstate Drive, Norman, OK, 73072. You can contact us on our website HERE or Facebook page HERE