More Resources for Vets

As the weather turns cold in the next few months some of our homeless veterans and working poor will need assistance with food and shelter.  We have established a list of the organizations that may be able to help them to find the assistance that is available in our area.  This information is on our website or can be obtained at our location at 1268 North Interstate Drive in Norman from 9 am till noon Monday thru Friday.  Our drivers are available to transport veterans to our location or to their VA medical appointments.  During the past year or so we have seen many veterans who have reached a financial breaking point because of the loss of income and the increased cost of basic necessities. We are assisting veterans and surviving spouses...

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Expanding Our Capacity to Serve

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the many prayers we have received for my wife, Barbara. She has been in the ICU at OU Medical Center due to surgical complications for the last two weeks. We believe she has turned the corner and is on the slow road to recovery. She has been the backbone and support of everything I have done for veterans over the past 25 years. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Some of our volunteers are working veterans claims from home. As we continue to add more volunteers our plan is to be open more days each week to serve veterans and their families. For those of you who would like to be a part of our team, applications are available online. Feel free to follow-up your...

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Thankful for Your Support

I want to say thank you for the prayers and get well cards my wife Barbara has received from our Veteran’s community and our families.  For those who didn’t know, she recently had surgery to remove a cancer.  Currently, she is in ICU at the OU Health Center in Oklahoma City.   We are having an online intake event on 9/17/2021 for veterans and surviving spouses who want to file a claim for VA benefits.  Start time is 0900 C.S.T. information can be found on our website at    Our staff of volunteers are working as many hours as possible each week to process the hundreds of claims that veterans have requested our help with.  As we are continually training more volunteers to assist veterans the wait time will...

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Bringing Our Soldiers Home

Last week one of our drivers, Mr. Clayton Lee was going to pick up a veteran near Blanchard, Oklahoma. He spotted a small rectangular wooden box next to the road with a Marine Emblem on its side.  When he brought it to our Norman location, we realized it was a veteran’s urn that had probably been stolen during a burglary and discarded when they realized what it was.  We asked one of our volunteers Mr. Brad Nelson to contact the John Ireland Funeral Service in Moore to investigate who the urn may belong to.  We found out the veteran was cremated in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We have published a FaceBook post hoping someone will step forward to claim the ashes of our Marine.   Many of us have been keeping up with the events in Afghanistan with heavy...

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New Clients and New Needs

One of the most common questions we receive from the veterans and their families who we assist is “does the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation have locations in other states where veterans can receive the type of assistance that we provide?" The short answer is not yet, but we are working on it. We can provide assistance for any veteran anywhere in the world, but the majority of our medical providers are in Oklahoma. We are actively looking for medical providers who would like to be on our provider list both in Oklahoma and surrounding states.    Almost all the veterans we help will be required to obtain a VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire which is used to evaluate the severity of a current or a new disability.  During the last twenty...

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We Must Help Each Other

As our organization continues to grow in the number of volunteers, we are alsoseeing a significant increase in the number of veterans and surviving spouses thatneed assistance. Even though we can help more of the men and women whoserved our great country, the demand for our services continues to increase daily.We are now searching for a larger facility in Norman that will enable us toaccommodate more veterans and their families. When we started this mission, Inever thought that veterans would visit us from all fifty states and many foreigncountries. They make trips from their homes all over the world for assistance fromour volunteers with their VA claims. People have been asking us since we startedwhy we spend so much of our time helping...

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Support Us

The Dale K. Graham Veteran’s Foundation has six full-time employees and 70+ volunteers.