Dale Graham of Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation received the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD given by Force 50 Foundation of Oklahoma for recognition of the service work they do for veterans and their families.  He is pictured with his wife, Barbara.

Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation

Our organization was recognized for the work that we do for Veterans and Surviving Spouses by the FORCE 50 Foundation of Oklahoma.  We are very proud to have been chosen for their DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.  There were several of our Board members including Lora Malone, our Executive Director along with my wife Barbara and I in attendance for the Force 50 Second Annual Veterans Service Awards Banquet held on May 9 at the University of Central Oklahoma George Nigh Center.    We are looking forward to working with their Foundation helping to provide veterans and their families with the help that so many of them desperately need.  Although we have some of the best people around volunteering, there are many areas where others might have the best expertise such as education benefits, VA Home Loans and a host of others that some veterans and their families may need.  The Force 50 Foundation was born of the Oklahoma Veterans Pilot Program and is committed to serving veterans and their families.  The Force 50 Foundation is the primary support organization for the Department of Veterans Affairs and works in cooperation with the Oklahoma Veterans Pilot Program to provide services to those that meet the criteria and mission of the organization.

We had over 300 veterans, and their family members visit us last week at our office in Norman.  We would like to welcome you to stop in and see what Dale K. Graham Veteran’s Foundation all is about.  We are always looking for volunteers to join our team. It is very rewarding to assist veterans and their family members who have given so much to our country.

Last week we had 28 veterans rated at 100% for a combined annual income of $1,204,226.  Forty-two were rated 10-90 % and will receive a combined annual income of $ 794,707.  Three surviving spouses were approved for benefits and will receive a combined annual income of $47,495.

Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies on donations to be able to provide services to the thousands of veterans and their families who need assistance.  We accept the donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles or other types of items that can be given to veterans or sold to raise funds to provide for veteran’s needs.  Please remember that your donations should be tax deductible on your income taxes. Thank You for supporting our Foundation.  You can also donate anytime online at dalekgrahamveteransfoundation.org or by mail at PO Box 592 Washington, OK  73093.

Counselors from the Vet Centers are here each session, and a Legal Aid representative is here on Thursdays.  We have food baskets available for those who qualify.  We look forward to your visit and thank you for trusting us to help you with your VA matters.

We are available every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 1268 North Interstate Drive Norman, OK 73072.  We open the doors by 5:30 a.m. and we begin working as soon as volunteers have their computers ready.

Visit our website at dalekgrahamveteransfoundation.org for more information. There you will find a section on Frequently Asked Questions.  You may also contact us at 405-550-8806 for information or to schedule transportation.

As always, I want to say Thank You to all veterans and their families for their service to the United States of America.

Semper Fi!

Dale K. Graham, VA Accredited Claims Agent

Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation