Last week one of our drivers, Mr. Clayton Lee was going to pick up a veteran near Blanchard, Oklahoma. He spotted a small rectangular wooden box next to the road with a Marine Emblem on its side.  When he brought it to our Norman location, we realized it was a veteran’s urn that had probably been stolen during a burglary and discarded when they realized what it was.  We asked one of our volunteers Mr. Brad Nelson to contact the John Ireland Funeral Service in Moore to investigate who the urn may belong to.  We found out the veteran was cremated in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We have published a FaceBook post hoping someone will step forward to claim the ashes of our Marine.


Many of us have been keeping up with the events in Afghanistan with heavy hearts. To me, it feels similar to how we felt when being pulled out of Vietnam. I would encourage any veterans who are suffering with the recent news to reach out and talk about how it has effected them.


Recently the Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented a change in possible DIC benefits for surviving spouses of veterans who retired from the military.  We suggest that the surviving spouses of all men and women who retired from the military visit with one of our claim’s specialists about possible VA DIC benefits.  This new benefit will be implemented over a three-year time.   


We are always looking to add more volunteers.  The more people we have behind the scenes affects how many people we can serve.  If you have a little extra time on your hands, please take the opportunity to help us help others.  For those who would like to volunteer at our organization please email or fill out our volunteer form HERE.


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