One of the most common questions we receive from the veterans and their families who we assist is “does the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation have locations in other states where veterans can receive the type of assistance that we provide?” The short answer is not yet, but we are working on it. We can provide assistance for any veteran anywhere in the world, but the majority of our medical providers are in Oklahoma.

We are actively looking for medical providers who would like to be on our provider list both in Oklahoma and surrounding states.  

 Almost all the veterans we help will be required to obtain a VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire which is used to evaluate the severity of a current or a new disability.  During the last twenty plus years that we have been providing our services we have learned that veterans who have medical evidence that supports their application for VA benefits has a much better chance of being approved.  

If you or anyone you know is a medical provider (MD, NP, DC, PA, etc.) who would like to learn how to help veterans, please reach out to us at

The number of volunteers who have joined our team continues to increase on a weekly basis.  The training that they receive every other Monday is second to none.   Each application for VA benefits either for veterans or surviving spouses is checked and rechecked to ensure that we are doing everything possible for the men and women who served our nation.  

We are continuing to add more volunteers to be able to provide our services to the many veterans and their families who are asking for our help.  Some of those who visit us for assistance end up becoming a part of what we do.  They know that our goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who served in our military.  I would like to say that we don’t turn veterans away but the number asking for our help continues to increase daily and we are fighting to attend to every person who reaches out to us.  

We are a non-profit that is operated almost completely by volunteers. We are dependent on the people we help to assist the next veteran or surviving spouse, and we invite each and everyone of you to step up and help ease the burden that can lay so heavily on the shoulders of our nation’s heroes.


For those who would like to join our organization please email or fill out our volunteer
form HERE.


To donate to our Foundation, mail a check to Dale K. Graham Veterans
Foundation, 1268 N. Interstate Drive, Norman, OK, 73072

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