As our organization continues to grow in the number of volunteers, we are also
seeing a significant increase in the number of veterans and surviving spouses that
need assistance. Even though we can help more of the men and women who
served our great country, the demand for our services continues to increase daily.
We are now searching for a larger facility in Norman that will enable us to
accommodate more veterans and their families. When we started this mission, I
never thought that veterans would visit us from all fifty states and many foreign
countries. They make trips from their homes all over the world for assistance from
our volunteers with their VA claims. People have been asking us since we started
why we spend so much of our time helping veterans and their families. The answer
has always been the same. When many of us returned home from Vietnam or other
foreign posts, there was no welcome home and no one to help us to reconnect with
civilian life or the people or things we left behind. My philosophy has always been
that if we don’t help each other nobody will. Some of those coming home have
taken their own lives because they thought no one cared about them. All of us at
the Foundation want to make something clear. We care about you. We care about
your life and your family. We care about your physical and mental health. We care
about your service, your sacrifice, and your future.


All of us at Dale K Graham Veterans Foundation are here to make a difference
in the lives of the men and women who served. Using our computer programs,
volunteers can work from home or at our location. For those who would like to
volunteer at our organization please email or fill out our volunteer
form HERE.


To donate to our Foundation, mail a check to Dale K. Graham Veterans
Foundation, 1268 N. Interstate Drive, Norman, OK, 73072.
Dale K. Graham, Accredited Claims Agent
Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation

or visit our donation page HERE.