As we draw closer to celebrating our Independence Day, all of us at Dale K
Graham Veterans Foundation want you to know that we appreciate your military
service to the United States of America. We would also like to remind those who
have not served to take a moment to show their appreciation to someone who has
worn the uniform and to remember that this country was founded by men and
women who answered the call to duty.


Many of you have answered our call to help us to assist every veteran and
surviving spouse with their applications for VA benefits. We are continuing to ask
for more volunteers that will help us to accommodate the hundreds of veterans and
their families that contact us every day. We would like to have enough volunteers
to help veterans five days each week with each volunteer working a four hour shift
each day keeping us open from 8AM to 5PM. Last week we tracked the number of
phone calls that went to our main line, and the average was 150 each day. On my
personal cell phone and e-mail, I average fifty calls and about the same number of
e-mails each day. Several of our other volunteers have that amount or more. I
guess what I’m trying to say is the veterans and their families who contact us are in
need of assistance, especially as we work towards our Intake Day for new Clients
on July 12th from 9AM to noon at the South Penn Campus on Moore Norman
Technology Center. We are not going to leave a veteran or surviving spouse
behind. For those of you who would like to be a part of this mission please contact
us at or fill out our volunteer form HERE.


If you aren’t available to volunteer right now but still want to push our mission
forward, you can help by donating using the red button on the top right corner of
this email or you could go to CarEasy’s website to donate any vehicle
that you don’t need or want. It doesn’t have to be a car, it could be a motorcycle,
ATV, farm equipment, anything that you are willing to donate would be much
appreciated and would help us help more veterans.