We are beginning to make a limited number of appointments for veterans and
surviving spouses who need our help with their current VA claims and questions.
We will continue to increase the number of appointments as we regrow our
volunteer base.


We are in the process of adding seven more accredited volunteers to our staff to
help us provide our services to more of the veterans and their families who have
asked us to represent them in their applications for VA benefits. I know that some
of you have not been able to schedule an appointment as of yet. Please understand
as volunteers we are working extremely hard to remedy this situation. For those
who do not have a claim pending, please contact VA at 1-800-827-1000 to request
that VA file an ‘Intent to file’ for you or fill out VA form 21-0966, sign and send it
to the VA Evidence Intake Center in Janesville, Wisconsin. This will give you a
start date of the following month for benefits up to one year from the date the 21-
0966 is filed. As we are planning to work most veterans claims electronically,
having a start date is very important to veterans and surviving spouses.


We are adding more volunteers every week to our Norman office. We are also
adding volunteers in other states who are going to be able to assist veterans
electronically. Many veterans will not need to make the trip to our office for
assistance because we are using online platforms, IntakeQ and VetPro.


At this time I would like to invite people who can operate a computer to consider
joining our team of dedicated volunteers who are working to change the lives of
the men and women who served in the US Military.


You can find the volunteer application HERE.