Today we are doing something a little different with our newsletter, instead of a message from Dale, we will have a message from one of our most trusted volunteers, Alice.

At the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation, volunteers are the most vital part of our operation. Without them, it would be impossible for the Foundation to assist the hundreds of Heroes that walk through our doors every week. Dedicated volunteers, like Alice, are essential to the organization, and their passion for serving the community shines through their commitment to our clients. 


Alice serves Veterans in our community by walking them through the VA claims process, setting them up for necessary doctor visits, and counseling them through every step of the way. Five days a week, Alice and her husband Steve arrive at the Foundation ready to assist the service members in our community by helping them access the tools and resources they deserve. 


“One of the most rewarding experiences of volunteering is when we have the opportunity to give our Veterans a call and let them know they got a 100% disability rating. Sometimes, they didn’t even know they received their letter, so we get to be the ones to tell them,” Alice explained.


Many Veterans wait for years to receive the disability rating they deserve from the VA. Due to the intricate nature of the filing process, some Veterans are denied multiple times before finally receiving the benefits they are entitled to. 


“Recently, I had the opportunity to call a really young veteran and notify him of his decision. He’s only 36,” Alice beamed. “It’s not all the time that younger veterans walk through our doors, so being able to help them is so rewarding. A lot of them have families- families with young children.” 


“He just kept saying, “you’ve got to be kidding me, you’ve got to be kidding me.” And then he started crying, and I started crying, and it was very emotional. Only 36 years old with two children. Just having the ability to help the families too, that’s what’s so special.” 


Serving others and building relationships defines the work Alice does at the Foundation. 


“Just helping people- that’s what we love to do,” says Alice. “And here, we have the opportunity to do that.”

Please click HERE if you would like to be part of our team and make a difference in the veterans community.