Serving veterans and their families

At Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation, we assist veterans with filing pension and other benefits claims through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and provide any other necessary assistance at no charge. We are committed to making sure every veteran and their families get the benefits they need and deserve to protect their future. 


What to Expect

With the help of over 70 volunteers, we serve more than 300 veterans each week. Register online to start the process, then someone will contact you to make an appointment. 

No one left behind

With a 96 percent success rate for claims filed in 2019, we are ensuring veterans and their family members gain access to the benefits the government has already earmarked for them. From determining what is available and which forms you may need to simplifying the arduous steps of completion and submission, we walk with you through the entire process and know how to get the job done.


Lance Corporal Dale K. Graham, U.S. Marine Corps, is a living legend – encouraging and helping veterans to file their benefits claims for almost 30 years. Beginning as an impassioned work to care for others just like him, the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation has helped more than 25,000 living veterans, spanning all 77 counties in Oklahoma, 45 states and four foreign countries.

The DKG Veterans Foundation is a top notch operation. Mr. Graham and his all volunteer staff are very personable and give each veteran the attention that the foundation thrives on. They will accept any Veteran from anywhere. If you are a military veteran and you feel that you aren’t getting your just due, make the trip to Norman, Oklahoma. it is well worth the drive.


– Todd Taylor

Support Us

The Dale K. Graham Veteran’s Foundation has six full-time employees and 70+ volunteers.